Tennis isn’t for everyone. Imagine sitting among the privileged crowd of the Laver Cup in your “End UK Private Jets”  tee picturing the alarming little activist, Greta Thunberg, telling you the world is going to end. You might decide to jump up and do something about it. If not something directly impactful, you could at least, like, set your arm on fire.

Unfortunately it would seem this protester didn’t really think the outcome of his actions through.

Reporting suggests that the arm fire portion of the protester’s public display was only a sideshow to the intended blaze set on the court. One might pause to question the mindset of someone who was moved to carry out such an act.

Living in a constant state of fear and being told that it can be stopped but no one is doing anything about it may drive young people who follow  the climate alarmist movement with devotion to act out in outrageous fashion.

Fortunately, this particular protester was dragged off of the tennis court before innocent bystanders were harmed. Aside from the spectacle, just what was accomplished for climate change with a sacrificial arm fire, exactly?

Don’t expect it to make sense. The protester got a moment of global fame for stupidity in the name of climate change activism and a nice trip to the local hospital. It is doubtful that the stunt offset enough carbons to justify an ambulance ride.


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