Progressive panic wages on as the Left struggles to comprehend that SCOTUS has managed to slow the roll of their aggressive social agenda. Using carefully appointed Federal judges to form policy from the bench is very effective until it isn’t. When SCOTUS suddenly refuses to do your bidding or begins to review and overturn rulings of the past, you may start to feel out of control.

Wait a minute. Are decisions that a self-proclaimed progressive law professor disagrees with a clear indication or “rogue” activity? Different interpretations of existing law and returning power to the states do not qualify as lawlessness according to anything in our Constitution, um, professor.

It’s hard to accept the new crew isn’t willing to rule by anything other than existing law. It’s almost like they’re not even partisan. Oh wait, that was the founding intention for the judiciaries.

This isn’t about sides. This is about the law and the procedure for updating existing law by working through the legislators – elected officials who act according to the will of the people. Somebody teach the teacher.

Not liking the law isn’t justification for abandoning it… unless you’re an ‘outragey’ progressive.

Save the fight for the ballot box and take a legal lesson, guys.

At least irrational responses provide a platform for communicating Constitutional intent educating the masses.