Did you know last Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day? Yeah, we missed that one too.

It seems plenty of New Yorkers didn’t know either. Maybe Washington Square Pillow Fight event planners Newmindspace should work on publicity?


Or maybe not. According to Twitter grump Alec Baldwin, even with only a few hundred attendees, the event left Washington Square Park a fluffy mess days later.


As other New Yorkers joined Alec to cluck their disapproval, Newmindspace organizers Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken took to Twitter to defend the pillow fight and its feathery aftermath.

But Alec and his tireless friends would not allow the group  to throw a blanket over the situation:


To be fair, the pictures don’t look that bad. And the fight itself looks … oh, who are we kidding? It looks like fun.

But fun can never be enough for some people. You know the ones. The ones who proclaim awesome moral justification for everything they do? People like … the Newmindspace organizers, who can’t help but drape themselves in fuzzy justification for their bad manners.

The whole thing raises one final question: what do New York City arts groups need with 1,000 donated pillows? We probably don’t want to know.