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According to this report, SCOTUS has ruined retirement for student loan borrowers


President Biden's attempt to literally buy the votes of young people was brought to a stop by the Supreme Court (but not before many of them voted for Democrats), and now the three-year pause in payments during the pandemic has come to an end. That means people will have to -- gasp -- start paying back debt they agreed to incur. 

Predictably, the media's making that sound like the end of the world.

Here's an NBC News story about that, and you can almost feel the anger coming from the "reporters" with outstanding student loan balances who wrote this spin: 

Was a part of anybody's retirement plan "not paying off student loan debt"? Apparently. The NBC News story contained a number of sob stories, but the spin that the Supreme Court has ruined retirement for many is flat-out laughable. 

It's just so ridiculous. 

Anybody in the media with outstanding student loan debt should have to disclose that in their reports in the name of decent "journalism," but that won't happen.

"Absurd" is the middle name of Biden and the Dems' media water carriers.

What IS kind of funny about the NBC News story is that, while they're doing Biden's bidding by reporting that SCOTUS conservatives are big, bad meanies, they're forced to admit that loan payments resuming will be more difficult for borrowers now that Biden's crippled the economy: 

Tens of millions of Americans with federal student loan debt have had a financial reprieve for more than three years as a pandemic-era repayment pause was extended multiple times since March 2020. 

Now many face a new reality on Sunday, Oct. 1, when they are due to resume making payments, all while struggling with nagging inflation and rising interest rates. 

More than 45 million borrowers together owe approximately $1.6 trillion, according to President Joe Biden's administration, which tried to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for tens of millions of eligible borrowers, only to have the Supreme Court kill the program in June.

Shorter NBC News: "Biden's attempt at loan forgiveness being struck down will make it even harder for borrowers now that Biden's tanked the economy." 

Well, at least they got THAT part right. 

Take personal responsibility!? Oh my goodness... where's the fainting couch?


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