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Try to spot the difference in Reuters' framing of allegations against Trump vs. Biden

Journalism meme

When it comes to some pretty damning allegations of Biden family corruption, the media approach is, to a large degree, to add the words "without evidence" to stories that sometimes literally contain some evidence. 


An allegation about Donald Trump didn't warrant the "without evidence" treatment from the media.

Reuters has been spotted showing how "journalism" is done these days: 

Just perfect.

The shot:

And the chaser:

Those 50-plus former members of the intelligence community "did not provide evidence" for their claims but obviously Reuters didn't deem those words necessary. 

"Journalism" is dead but too shameless to lie down.

There could have been a check made out to Joe Biden with "for bribes" written in the memo section and the Reuters headline would have been the same.


Fact check: Often true.



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