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Elon Musk destroys Adam Schiff and his laughable concern about X and 'election misinformation'

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Elon Musk has been extra bothersome to many Democrats lately. Yesterday Musk visited the border and exposed more of the disaster that the Biden administration has created.


Throw in the fact that the Democrats no longer have full say in what does and does not constitute "misinformation" on Musk's X platform and Rep. Adam Schiff is in full crisis mode while displaying his usual shameless lack of self-awareness:

The Democrats no longer control all of social media and it's driving Schiff even crazier than usual. 

Schiff expressing concern about "election misinformation" is as rich as it can get.

Schiff is the King of spreading "misinformation" and that's the reason he's often invited on the left-leaning media outlets.

Here's what Schiff's really saying:


One of the biggest liars in Congress claiming to be concerned about rooting out lies is laughably pitiful.

Musk's response was solid gold:

Bingo! Schiff's definition of "misinformation" is "truths unhelpful to the Left's goals and narratives."



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