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People having trouble spotting EVs in Biden's climate unfriendly modes of transportation

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Yesterday, President Biden visited a UAW picket line near Detroit, and everybody was thrilled by his appearance. Well, some were... maybe:


Look at that excitement!

Townhall's Katie Pavlich made note of Biden's forced transition to electric vehicles during his picket line visit. Biden's EV push is actually hurting auto workers (and many others):  

As usual, when it comes to the issue of the forced transition to EVs, Biden is leading by example. Wait, no he isn't:

We don't really see any. Hmm: 


Even better, after spending a few minutes at a UAW picket line near Detroit, the "clean energy" president then loaded up the motorcade, fired up non-electric Air Force One and headed to California for fundraisers with some of those billionaires he always says don't pay their fair share. If only hypocrisy could be a source of power.



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