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Here's what 60 Minutes 'discovered' about Ukraine and our tax dollars

Back to the Future Part II

I'll kick things off here with a reminder that bankruptcies in the U.S. are on the rise, presumably assisted by the wonderful "Bidenomics" the White House keeps laughably bragging about: 

With that in mind, at least President Biden is doing something to help small businesses, farmers and first responders.

No, not in the U.S.!

The U.S. has sent more than $70 billion worth of aid to Ukraine since Russian troops crossed its border last year. But now a battle is brewing in Washington over the Biden administration's request for over $20 billion more.

Many Republicans in Congress are opposed – hardliners in the House want to cut off all funding; others are demanding more oversight. 

We went to Ukraine to get some answers for the people who are bankrolling the war: American taxpayers. How exactly is your money being spent? And who's watching the weapons and the cash to make sure they end up where they're intended?

Take a look at what 60 Minutes "discovered":

This administration couldn't make its priorities any more clear, and it's not a healthy U.S. economy or secure borders here at home. 

It's almost like this administration's trying to avoid transparency. 

Find somebody who looks at you the way Biden and Senate leadership look at Zelenskyy:

Meanwhile, Americans continue to sink into the economic quicksand that is "Bidenomics." Next November can't come fast enough -- and hopefully it's not too late by then.


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