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Hot take on how Bidenomics is 'a godsend for rural America' is the eye-roller of the day


Before getting into an op-ed published at The Hill about rural America, I'd like to start with a broad reminder of the Left's idea of what's good for "rural America." 

John Kerry explains:

"We have to starve humanity in order to save humanity."

I started out with Kerry's comments to point out that, to leftists, misery is a net positive as long as the right people are miserable and they don't lose anything and continue to profit in the process.

That brings us to this take in The Hill, and if it were remotely true it wouldn't even need to be said:

(Pictured: Two people who think "Bidenomics" sucks)

The Hill's foray into comedy is off to a wonderful start. Watch out, Babylon Bee!

Go into rural America and try to find anybody who thinks "Bidenomics" is a "godsend." Good luck.

Put on a flame retardant suit so you don't get burned by the high temperature of this scorching propaganda: 

The combination of executive and congressional action since Biden took office — from the American Rescue Plan, to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to the CHIPS Act, Inflation Reduction Act and key executive action promoting competition and protecting workers — presents greater potential for revitalizing rural communities than anything since the New Deal. These were huge steps in the right direction, and yet rural people are still struggling. The updated Rural Policy Action Report offers a continued roadmap for how to help rural communities, protect the environment and core freedoms, and renew shared prosperity across geographic divides.

I’ll leave it to others to debate the political wisdom of the label “Bidenomics.” But the wisdom of the policies themselves should be clear.

According to polls, hardly anybody agrees that "Bidenomics" has been anything but a disaster for the economy.

I should note that the person who wrote that laughable op-ed is the head of a left-wing group called the Rural Democracy Initiative, which "supports rural people working to transform their lives and communities in service of shared prosperity."

As usual, "shared prosperity" = "commie gobbledygook" (as the late great Norm Macdonald once put it). 

It's kind of amazing that the Left hasn't given up on the "Bidenomics" propaganda and moved on to pushing some other economic plan destined for failure, like "Newsom-omics" or something.

That stuff is only a "godsend" if you're somebody like John Kerry and would love to destroy middle America.


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