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On brand: Barack Obama reminds young people to stay angry and frustrated

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In many ways, the divisive and nasty political atmosphere we find ourselves in these days can be traced back to the Barack Obama presidential campaign, his eight-year presidency and even post-presidency involvement with the Biden administration. 

As usual, those who say their goal is "unity" can be the biggest dividers, and Obama's VP learned that same lesson and took it with him to the White House:

That kind of embarrassing and insulting optic is the result of what national politics as become, and that's largely thanks to Joe's former boss.

Clearly Obama hasn't changed because he doesn't want more civility. Just yesterday the former POTUS (who is probably still pulling a lot of the strings considering we now have a president with a lot of cobwebs upstairs) reminded young people to stay angry and frustrated:

Keeping people frustrated and angry is how these people cling to power. Keeping people scared is also part of the equation, hence all the attempts to whip up panic about "climate change."

Obama knows his brand and he's sticking with it (as is Biden).

Does it occur to any of these people Obama's trying to keep angry and frustrated to ask him why, if it's very likely the oceans will engulf coastlines everywhere, he recently dropped $12 million on a beachfront mansion?

Obama tells people to stay angry and frustrated, and you'll notice at no point does he ask them to apply logic and reason (which is the enemy of charlatans like Obama and Biden). 

"Glue your hand to a sidewalk and somehow that'll end up making the weather better" is my personal favorite.

Why are we even still talking about climate change? Obama said if he got elected the supposed problem would be reversed:


The level of the oceans seems to be pretty consistent, as do Obama's attempts to keep people frustrated and angry.


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