In December of last year the FBI put out the following statement after the release of a batch of Twitter Files showing how the government leaned on Twitter and other social media platforms to suppress what they called “misinformation.” This was the FBI’s statement at the time:

This week came more bombshells about the FBI/DOJ during a House Oversight Committee hearing yesterday featuring testimony from four former Twitter executives. That was followed today with Jim Jordan’s committee on the weaponization of the FBI. Jordan kicked off the hearing by reading a long list of what numerous FBI whistleblowers have disclosed along with reprimands some received.

Add all that up and the FBI obviously thought another statement for damage control purposes was in order.

Does this sound pretty much like the FBI’s December statement? It’s basically “don’t believe your lying eyes and ears”:

At some point, you’d think they might find it appropriate to at least acknowledge some of what’s become obvious, but guess not.

The FBI’s statements on these matters lately have become real-world examples of the “nothing to see here” meme.



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