The story of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been flipped on its ear because it can no longer be waved off as “Russian disinformation”:

From the New York Post:

First son Hunter Biden’s lawyers admitted late Wednesday that the infamous laptop that the now-52-year-old abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction does indeed belong to him.

The revelation came in a petulant letter from Hunter’s lawyers seeking a criminal probe into what they called attempts to “weaponize” its contents.

In the 14-page letter to Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings, Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell claimed that repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac “unlawfully” accessed Hunter’s laptop data and worked with former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to “weaponize” sordid and incriminating contents on it against Joe Biden.

So the story has gone from being a “Russian disinformation campaign” to “yeah the laptop and its contents are real but Republicans are weaponizing it.”

Meanwhile, Richard Grenell has an assignment for CNN:

We’ve been waiting for that to happen as well, but we’re not holding our breath. There were more than 50 former intelligence community officials who signed the letter shortly before the 2020 presidential election saying the Hunter Biden laptop story was likely a Russian disinformation campaign.

Oddly enough CNN (and other lib media outlets) will still have some of those people on their shows and present them as objective experts.

All while accusing the Republican side of election interference. It was projection writ large the whole time.



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