Biden chief of staff Ron Klain will be exiting the White House before too long (he’s being replaced by Jeff “winter of severe illness and death” Zients).

However, while Klain’s still on the job he continues to take an “any port in a storm” approach when it comes to bragging about his boss. Here’s what was considered worthy of passing along yesterday:

After the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and confiscated classified documents Biden asked “how could anybody be so irresponsible?” Since then, as you know, classified docs have been found in Biden’s Wilmington garage and a couple other locations. But now we’ve gone from “how could somebody be so irresponsible” to “hey look, Biden having classified documents in a box next to his Corvette hasn’t hurt his approval rating — yay!”

Considering how everything else is going, the Biden White House thinks that’s brag-worthy (notice that Klain wasn’t eager to share the actual approval number, only that it’s been unchanged).

And in this case there are three of them. However, it beats talking about other things:

Additionally, we couldn’t help but notice that Klain’s not spotlighting this part of the CBS News poll:


The CBS News poll also puts Biden’s disapproval at 56 percent. Well, well, well.



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