Today President Biden delivered an address to the United Nations General Assembly. Biden’s speech started out with some fresh condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

With that out of the way, Biden then got to what this White House considers the gravest threat we face at the moment. Putin threatening to use nukes? Oh heavens no! You might have already guessed this one:

Alarmists like Biden (and John Kerry who was seated in the Assembly) have been saying “we don’t have much time” for decades and hoping nobody has noticed. Biden did some bragging about bringing down the temperature, which apparently only printing trillions of dollars can accomplish:

From the day I came to office, we’ve led with a bold climate agenda. We rejoined the Paris Agreement, convened major climate summits, helped deliver critical agreements on COP26. And we helped get two thirds of the world GDP on track to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

And now I’ve signed a historic piece of legislation here in the United States that includes the biggest, most important climate commitment we have ever made in the history of our country: $369 billion toward climate change. That includes tens of billions in new investments in offshore wind and solar, doubling down on zero emission vehicles, increasing energy efficiency, supporting clean manufacturing.

Here’s a funny one: Biden told the United Nations that it needs to be more “inclusive”:

LOL. What could be more “inclusive” than having China on the UN’s Human Rights Council?

Because that’s the biggest problem with the UN?

In closing, however, Biden seemed to realize that he’d just forced a roomful of people to sit through, well, a Joe Biden speech:

Wow. The teleprompter people must just be messing with Biden at this point. And yes, it’s included in the official transcript:

Thank you for your tolerance, for listening to me. I appreciate it very much. God bless you all. (Applause.)

Accuracy detected:

So that makes one.



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