Inflation is crushing ordinary Americans and people are waltzing illegally into the country via an open southern border in droves, but in the wealthy liberal bubble, the economic and sociological weather remains great. However, as it pertains to illegal immigration, that tolerance was put to the test when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent about 50 illegals into one of those rich, liberal bubbles and sparked some hyperventilation. The migrants were welcomed to the Vineyard before they were removed about 24 hours later.

Couple that with the story about a judge ruling against the Biden Justice Department on Trump’s request for a special master and the leader of the Hollywood chapter of the anti-Trump Resistance, Rob Reiner, is getting nervous:

It’s amazing what lefties like Reiner consider to be autocratic or a dictator wannabe.

Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southern border is the real problem. And we don’t remember Reiner having a hissy fit when Biden was shipping illegal immigrants to many parts of the country:


There are rumors that some illegal immigrants could be sent to Malibu, so perhaps Reiner and his rich Hollywood pals would be willing to donate some of their guest rooms to the cause.

Some things never change!



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