It would appear that the White House’s “MAGA ____” pivots ever since President Biden’s speech last Thursday in Philadelphia with optics that were worthy of a Death Star setting offers up a clue that Team Joe knows the divisive address went over like a cinder block. It wasn’t a subtle tone they were trying to set:

It started out with “MAGA Republicans”:

Then, perhaps somebody figured out that it might not be the best of political ideas to claim that tens of millions of voters are “threats to democracy.” Next up was “extreme MAGA ideology”:

Today’s offering from the @JoeBiden account is a message about the “ultra-MAGA agenda”:

Does the Biden White House really think “ultra MAGA agenda” is a winning midterm message? In any case, all they do is lie:

There’s no way in hell Biden or his White House will get honest and specific about anything, because they can’t. All they have is gaslighting and BS accusations about “threats to democracy” (which translate to “threats to Democrats’ power”).

Yep, Biden sure is doing a convincing job when it comes to getting people eager to get to the polls in a couple months.

It’s almost as if Biden’s pay depends on how many times his social media accounts say “MAGA.”

Feeling motivated? So am I!

We’ve seen a change in the UK when it comes to who’s sitting on the throne in that country, but in the U.S. Biden’s still sitting on his same old throne (of lies).

As for Biden’s brags about how much better the economy is doing under his “leadership,” yeah… no:

Holy cow! I’ll take a “MAGA agenda” over the trainwreck that is this administration any day of the week.

Fingers crossed!



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