When it comes to selling climate change, the Democrat and media (pardon the redundancy) philosophy is always clear:


The Cult of Climate Change will appreciate the Washington Post’s contribution to the panic-porn cause with this hottest of hot takes on controversial weather:

Do these guys know how to party, or what?

Of course it’s miserable in the dog days of summer, and a few years ago, that conversation might have segued to an upcoming beach vacation or a two-for-one margarita happy hour. We talked about weather to break the ice. We talked about weather to kill time. We even talked about weather when we didn’t really want to talk. It’s the universal connector, rich or poor, a literal barometer of how we’re doing.

But what used to be the smallest of small talk is now big: big issue, big problems, big opinions. It’s climate, not just weather, and it encompasses historic heat, flooding, drought, wildfires and storms — all looming in the daily news and on our social media feeds. It’s freaking some people out, ticking some people off and turning what was a safe subject into a hidden land mine. Weather is the newest topic — along with politics, religion and sex — to avoid at those awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

Life in the DC politics/media bubble must be miserable, along with the weather apparently.

Imagine having indoctrinated yourself to such a degree that you’re triggered when somebody says “nice weather we’re having.”

They want Trump back so badly!



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