You might recall that earlier this week the White House made it known that President Biden would wear a mask while indoors around other people for the next ten days. The WH made the masking announcement after Jill Biden tested positive for Covid… again:

U.S. President Joe Biden will wear a mask for 10 days when indoors and near others after first lady Jill Biden tested positive on Wednesday in a rebound case of COVID-19, a White House Official said.

The White House will also maintain President Biden’s increased cadence of testing and report those results, the official said. President Biden tested negative for COVID on Wednesday, the White House announced earlier.

That assurance didn’t last long as evidenced by Biden’s appearance at a DNC-sponsored “rally” at a high school in the deep blue DC suburb of Rockville, Maryland:


Then, after appearing maskless in a large crowd indoors, Biden returned to wearing a mask, but this time he was outside all by himself. I couldn’t help but point out how ridiculous this all is:

What a joke this has all become.

Apparently the virus won’t spread as long as the gathering is DNC-approved.

Can the next person in the media to interview Dr. Fauci show him these compare/contrast videos and ask him to explain the “science” behind how Biden operates?

Most likely.



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