The CDC has relaxed its Covid-19 guidelines:

In a welcome change for many parents who struggled to accommodate strict COVID restrictions in educational settings while keeping their jobs or paying for childcare, the new guidelines also do away with the “test to stay” protocol for exposures. However, the new guidance still recommends universal masking for students in areas where community spread is high or mask mandates at any level of spread — showing that the CDC is still not all the way there — but it’s some progress that should help kids stay in school to continue learning when they’re healthy.

The CDC also eliminated its quarantine recommendation for those exposed to COVID, as well as screening recommendations for people not showing any symptoms.

Finally, the government seems to be catching on to the idea of having Americans rely on personal responsibility while protecting those who are most vulnerable to serious infection rather than forcing a once-size-fits-all mandate that unnecessarily punished those with little risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID.

The change was made yesterday:

Meanwhile unvaccinated members of the military are still being discharged.

As for the CDC’s guideline update, did the “science” change? No. Ben Shapiro tweeted what actually changed:

Amazing how “the science” works.



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