Yesterday most House Democrats (along with a couple of Republicans) cheered after passing a bill that would reinstate an “assault weapons ban.”

House Democrats on Friday passed a historic bill to ban so-called assault weapons in response to a spate of mass shootings this year — a major victory for the left after party leaders failed to land the votes for a broader slate of public safety bills also awaiting floor action.

The gun vote, passed 217-213, marks the first time in nearly three decades that lawmakers have attempted to reinstate the long-expired ban on semiautomatic firearms, a huge party priority. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who announced the decision to vote Friday morning, called it “a crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence in our nation.”

Rep. Chuy Garcia of Illinois was one of the Democrats cheering the bill’s passage (which faces an uphill battle in the Senate). Rep. Garcia’s account was spotted taking exception to a tweeter vowing noncompliance if the bill should become law, and you won’t be surprised to know that the response was soon deleted:

Eventually, after the tweet from Rep. Garcia’s account started making the rounds and was deleted, a statement was put out blaming a staffer:

If that’s even true perhaps the “punishment” was merely to change the Twitter account password and not give it to the staffer in question.


We’ll close it out with Defiant L’s spotting a bit of projection: