The Supreme Court — specifically the more conservative members on the bench — have caused multiple head explosions on the Left over the last couple weeks. But perhaps the brunt of the hate has been reserved for Justice Clarence Thomas. Former NBA player Rex Chapman couldn’t help but weigh in this way:

But wait, the takes get even hotter:

Is “how long would so-and-so last in an NBA locker room” a thing? Guess so:

Also, Justice Thomas isn’t black (we already know why Biden would agree with that) because… well, let Chapman explain:

Ah, OK then.

Well, Bill Clinton is known in some circles as the first “first black president,” so that’s not surprising.

Scraping the bottom and then some.

Chapman could have elaborated on his CNN+ show, but… well…


Double ouch!

That’s quite the standard for measuring somebody’s “blackness.”

That kind of strategic planning would explain why CNN+ had the life span of the average housefly.

This seems like a good way to close things out:



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