Earlier today we told you about a new AP/NORC poll that suggests it’s getting increasingly difficult to find anyone who doesn’t think President Biden and his administration aren’t a complete disaster.

“Record low”:

But Biden’s also been working on another presidential milestone, and that involves staying as far away from doing sit-down interviews with the media for as long as possible:

The milestones keep on coming:

The last time the President of the United States sat down to answer questions was February 10, when Biden did an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt. Meanwhile, Biden has not been too busy to take frequent long-weekend trips to his homes in Delaware, head to Asia and Europe, or travel around the country touting his few legislative agenda items that managed to make it through the Democrat-controlled Congress. But he won’t face questions when it comes to those pieces of legislation, the many that didn’t make it past his own party on Capitol Hill, or the growing number of crises burdening the American people.

It’s certainly not a real surprise that Biden’s staff wants him talking to the press as little as possible in unscripted Q & As.

You know it’s bad when Biden’s staff doesn’t even want him talking much with “friendly” media.



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