President Biden and the Democrats have been blaming all problems on Putin, the pandemic and the lack of a Republican plan to bring down inflation, and nobody’s been buying it. That brought with it a shift to warnings about voting for “ultra MAGA” in the November midterms, and there’s a reason for all that Democrat desperation. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been doing some internal polling that shows a strong likelihood that the Dems will soon lose the House in epic fashion:

There’s only one way to describe it:

This certainly has the Democrats concerned, but obviously not enough to keep them from doubling down on the things that are turning off voters:

House Democrats may be in worse political peril than they’ve let on publicly.

During a Thursday luncheon last week with DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney, Frontline Democrats – the party’s most endangered lawmakers – were told that, in battleground districts, the generic Republican is beating the generic Democrat, 47-39, according to lawmakers, multiple party officials and the DCCC.

This is a stunning margin and highlights the incredibly perilous position Democrats find themselves in.

Given that Democrats generally have a three- or four-point built in advantage on the generic ballot, this is a particularly concerning development for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s majority. An eight-point deficit on the generic ballot could be a sign of a wave for House Republicans.

Keep up the craziness, Dems!

The only sure thing here is that the Democrats will keep doubling down on policies that are making inflation and gas prices worse. Good luck with that.



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