Excerpts from Kamala Harris’ speech to Coast Guard grads today have been released, and it’s clear that the VP is going to take a big swing for the “projection” fences:

Is the rule of law under attack in a “fiery but mostly peaceful” kind of way?

From the Associated Press:

Harris, in the commencement speech Wednesday at the academy in New London, Connecticut, will reflect on the state of the world in which long-standing rules and norms are more frequently coming under attack, noting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to excerpts of the speech released by her office.

“And the challenges we face are broader than Russia,” Harris says. “Around the world, we see additional attempts to undermine the rules-based order: Nations that threaten the freedom of the seas; criminal gangs and traffickers who skirt the rule of law, and fuel corruption and violence; those that manipulate and undermine the foundations of international commerce.”

The Democratic vice president also makes the case that as Coast Guard members the graduates will play an important role in helping the United States uphold the international rules-based order, calling it one of the United States’ “defining missions.”

Would that be the same Kamala Harris who promoted a bail fund for violent rioters in Minneapolis in 2020?

Bingo! Who wants to tell her?

Speaking of “rule of law” and protecting our institutions:

When Harris says “the rule of law is under attack” she’ll of course only be accusing Republicans of doing the attacking.

And she’ll say it with zero self-awareness being displayed.



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