During an appearance today with Attorney General Merrick Garland, President Biden urged the leaders of cities where crime is spiking (that are of course led by Democrats) to take unused Covid funds and spent them on more police and crime prevention:

President Joe Biden on Friday urged states and cities to use unspent money from last year’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package to fund crime prevention programs and hire police officers.

The president stressed the need for more funding of public safety programs at a White House event with mayors and law enforcement officials.

“To every governor, every mayor, every county official, the need is clear, my message is clear: Spend this money now; use these funds we made available to you; prioritize public safety,” Biden said. “Do it quickly before the summer, when crime rates typically surge.”

After the “fiery but mostly peaceful” 2020 we had in America, now that the issue of crime is about to be a contributing factor in a midterm wipeout for the Democrats, so now it’s a big problem.

However, Biden obviously didn’t want to talk too much smack about lefty DA policies that make crime worse. Instead Biden took a softer approach to the “negative side of bail reform”:

Oh really? Tell that to the people who have been robbed, beaten or killed by violent criminals who were released because of “progressive” DA policies on bail.

Crime is a bit less of a concern when you’ve got a Secret Service detail around 24/7.

Biden will just pretend stories like those don’t exist or are extremely rare.

Not at all.



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