Last night we told you the Associated Press reported that Elon Musk has “long used Twitter to attack those who disagree with him,” and the AP apparently thought there was a “gotcha” to be had in comparing that to the reason Musk wants to own the social media platform:

Steven Crowder is among those somewhat baffled by that take:

And so is almost everybody else:

The AP tried so hard.

The fact that somebody at the AP thought that was some sort of “gotcha” is quite amazing.

Speaking of contradictions, this part of the AP story (which is also part of the headline for the story) is ripe with irony and self-unawareness:

But if the 50-year-old Musk’s gambit has made anything clear it’s that he thrives on contradiction.

Musk boasts that he’s acquiring Twitter to defend freedom of speech. But he has long used the platform to attack perceived foes who dare to disagree with him.

He is supremely confident in his own judgment and abilities. But he has openly acknowledged vulnerabilities, disclosing his angst over a breakup in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone and telling a Saturday Night Live audience last year that he was the show’s first host with Asperger’s syndrome.

In this case, the AP saying Musk “thrives on contradiction” is some weapons-grade projection.