In previous weeks it’s been reported that White House press secretary Jen Psaki could soon be leaving her post for a lateral but much more lucrative job at MSNBC. If Psaki heads to MSNBC she would join former Biden adviser and Kamala Harris spokesperson Symone Sanders, who will no doubt soon demonstrate how hard-hitting journalism is done when she interviews first lady Jill Biden:

That’s sure to be a contentious interview! Wait, no it isn’t…

A Jill Biden interview with herself would probably be harder hitting than this one will be.

Then again, it’s MSNBC and nobody really expects any actual journalism to take place.

It’ll be a tee-ball interview with a whiffle ball on the tee, if anything at all.

Jill Biden always gets the “Dr.” treatment, while others… not so much:

There seems to be a different journalistic rule when reporting on Jill Biden.



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