Comments from President Biden’s “climate adviser” and former EPA chief Gina McCarthy this week remind us a bit of the time Hillary Clinton went to coal country during the 2016 campaign and promised to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and coal companies out of business (and you know how that worked out for her).

In her remarks McCarthy bragged about how many rules will be passed for appliances (consumers would of course pay the price) and had an extra special threat for airlines:

McCarthy made these remarks at a “Massachusetts Climate Summit” at Tufts University:

“We have solutions that can deliver. We actually do a hundred rules this year alone on appliances, just like you asked. We are developing partnerships on how we work together on new building standards. Even for sustainable airlines — who’da thunk that they’d be all-in but they better be or they’re gonna be outta here!”

Wow, these people are lunatics.

We’re happy to help. Get that in an ad, GOP!

Here’s a totally fair question:

And they get crazier by the day.



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