What gave WarnerMedia executives the notion that a CNN subscription service was a good idea? For starters, Axios reported that internal research showed executives that CNN+ could attract up to 30 million paid subscribers all around the world. Well, you know how that went. A week ago it was announced that CNN+ would be shut down and that the last day of programming would be April 30.

As it turns out, CNN+ didn’t even make it that far:

When it was announced that CNN+ would be shut down but remain operational until the end of the month, there were immediate “what’s the point” vibes. As it turns out, there was not point, and the plug will be pulled today.

Meanwhile, Brian Stelter is still trying to assess something:

Hopefully he can figure that out before too long.

One of the biggest and most expensive — if not the biggest and most expensive — disasters in media history is almost dead and buried.



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