French President Emmanuel Macron has emerged victorious after yesterday’s election challenge from Marine Le Pen:

The relief among Western leaders at the reelection of French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday night was almost palpable.

But the size of the vote for far-right leader Marine Le Pen shows a significant groundswell of support for her nationalist policies and signals a bigger fight ahead for the politics of France and Europe.

Already grappling with a war in Ukraine, spiraling energy costs and the climate crisis, Macron’s victory means France’s partners will not have to deal with Le Pen, a far-right politician who rails against the European Union and has a long history of praising Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After it was clear Macron won the election, President Biden placed a congratulatory phone call but the French president apparently had other things going on:

It sounds like Macron was having too much fun to bother taking Biden’s call:

That’s not the first time:

America is respected on the world stage again!

Perhaps Macron will have time for Biden today.

Next time Biden calls a world leader they should try a different approach:

Great idea!

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