To celebrate Earth Day yesterday, President Biden fired up Air Force One and traveled a few thousand miles in order to deliver some warnings about the existential threat posed by the burning of fossil fuels. Among Biden’s remarks was a promise to spend billions of dollars to make the U.S. military “climate-friendly.” Biden also had warnings about the Republican Party:

Biden and the Dems have definitely proven they have no interest in Making American Great Again, but does the president think his own party remains unchanged? By the way, Biden’s complaint about why this is “not your father’s Republican Party” is that not enough GOPers are supporting the White House’s initiatives, which is weird since the Dems control Congress. The real problem for Biden is not enough Democrats supporting his spendthrift agenda.

No it isn’t. Does Biden understand that his party’s fallen to the leftist faction (with his help of course)?

Excellent point! When it becomes increasingly clear the Dems are going to get smoked in November, imagine the rhetoric coming from Biden in the days leading up to the midterms.



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