During the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, Republican Sen. Josh Hawley presented multiple examples from Jackson’s record on the bench showing the judge often gave lighter than recommended sentences to those convicted of sex crimes involving minors. That was such a bad look for Biden’s nominee that the fact-checkers immediately started circling the wagons. ABC News, for example, found Judge Jackson’s leniency in child porn sentencing to be “mainstream” among judges.

Basically the fact-checks boil down to Sen. Hawley saying Judge Jackson has been lenient in sentencing convicted child predators is “false” because, hey, lots of other judges are lenient as well. But that’s more than enough for the Biden White House to serve up as a defense of their nominee. White House deputy spokesman Andrew Bates did just that, but included a movie reference:

First of all, about that reference:

Bates took a swing at Hawley and knocked out his own side.

The Biden White House will be pleased because Sen. Joe Manchin announced today that he will vote to confirm Judge Jackson to fill the open Supreme Court seat, but their attempts to put down Hawley exposing those areas of her record on the bench have been massive fails.

Pat yourselves on the back, Biden staffers & Dems, you’re doing great.



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