Now that it’s fairly safe to do so, the New York Times has confirmed that the 2020 story about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and its contents is indeed real. Karol Markowicz sums up where things stand at the moment:

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman notes that the Hunter Biden laptop & emails story was “characterized as possible misinformation by some”:

And by “some” she must mean “everybody in the media and Big Tech except for the NY Post and select others who subsequently had their accounts locked for sharing ‘misinformation'”:

The “clean up” doesn’t seem to include any apologies or holding anyone accountable.

Those are the “dozens of former intel officials” Politico cited that Jen Psaki used in an attempt to debunk the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020:

And now the NY Times has acknowledged the story is real, but the media/Big Tech running cover for the Dems ahead of the election served its purpose.

Much of the media, including the “fact-checkers,” did their job as they saw it in 2020, and it had nothing to do with facts.

Cue the crickets.



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