CNBC is reporting that oil is currently under $100 a barrel for the first time since last month:

U.S. oil tumbled more than 8% on Monday, breaking below $100 per barrel, amid talks between Russia and Ukraine as well as new lockdowns in China — which could dent demand.

West Texas Intermediate crude futures, the U.S. oil benchmark, lost 8.75% to trade at $99.76 per barrel. International benchmark Brent crude shed 8% to trade at $103.68 per barrel.

That brought MSNBC host and NBC News’ senior business analyst Stephanie Ruhle to ask a question:

That tweet brought with it an avalanche of “oil company price gouging” replies. As a matter of fact, Ruhle was joined by Sen. Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC late last year to call out the real drivers of inflation: Greedy corporations.

Weird how oil companies weren’t being accused of “price gouging” before Biden got into office.

Ruhle has certainly demonstrated in the past she doesn’t mind pushing the “corporate greed” angle for high gas prices.

Yep. Why would a gas station immediately drop the price on something they paid a lot more money for? But nevertheless, you can be sure Elizabeth Warren and the rest will get plenty of “Big Oil greed” mileage out of this one.



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