Shortly ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address, the New York Times helped the White House spread the “he’s crushing it” narrative: “The events of the past week have for now pushed to the sidelines the congressional squabbling over President Biden’s domestic agenda, and are already redefining the arc of his presidency.”

The Times is also proving itself to be a tremendous narrative asset to the Biden administration when it comes to high gas prices. How’s this for a “fact-check”?

A certain somebody couldn’t have done it any better herself!

Frankly it’s a little surprising that Psaki didn’t clip and copy that article to hand out at today’s briefing.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the voters weigh in when the midterms roll around.

This administration’s strategy is one of hope, which means that they hope everybody’s dumb enough to automatically believe what they say.

Oh, it’s an opinion piece, but the Times just doesn’t present it that way. Instead it’s a super-objective “fact-check.”



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