President Biden was asked recently what would happen to gas prices in the immediate future, and his answer was that people would be paying more and “Russia is responsible” for that.

However, a 2019 tweet from now White House chief of staff Ron Klain shows that Team Biden has had their eyes on a “clean energy transformation” for a long time, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is merely providing the latest excuse:

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” and the Biden White House is now doing just that.

Biden and many Dems have now settled on a “Putin’s price increase” narrative even though it’s been clear for a long time that they’ve sought to get rid of fossil fuels to implement their “green” agenda.

The Biden administration’s push is indeed about “green,” which is the color of money.

Yes, please do! Also, maybe Biden should lead by example.

The executive branch’s fleet of jets has been converted to all-electric, right?

Also, here’s a reminder that on the presidential campaign trail Biden promised to get rid of fossil fuel:

Biden said nothing about Putin there.



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