The following story has brought with it very similar reactions, most of which are some form of sarcastic comment along the lines of this:

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ongoing, ABC News thought it was a good time to report what the “experts” are saying about kids in war zones:

Oh my goodness. Really, what would we do without the media?

Did ABC News really think that could come as surprising information to anybody?

By “experts” ABC News must be referring to Captain Obvious.

Also, has any word taken a bigger credibility hit in the last couple of years than “experts”? Here are just a few recent examples:

National Geographic: Experts say masking not only doesn’t harm children; it benefits them in more ways than one

CTV: ‘Experts’ say that lifting COVID restrictions in Canada could cause anxiety for many

Defiant L’s serves up a WaPo shot & chaser showing how poorly previous attempt to own Gov. DeSantis with ‘experts’ has aged

More than 150 ‘experts’ sign open letter calling Joe Rogan ‘extraordinarily dangerous’ to society

“Experts” indeed.

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