As of now, the Biden White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disagree about increasing sanctions against Russia to include banning purchasing oil from Vladimir Putin. Incredibly, Jen Psaki explained that putting a stop to buying oil from the Russians would reduce the global supply of energy and possibly pad the pockets of Putin (both of which are things that Biden’s own policies are doing).

Pelosi said Thursday she’s of the opinion that Russian oil should be sanctioned:

That would of course mean the U.S. would have to replace that from a different source, and Pelosi said she doesn’t want Americans paying more for gas:

How much does Pelosi want to keep gas prices down for Americans? Not enough to expand drilling or reverse Biden’s day one executive order halting construction of the Keystone Pipeline:

The Democrats would rather Americans suffer at the pump than give up on the precious “green” shams they’re pursuing.

The White House and much of Congress live in an impenetrable bubble.



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