As we told you last week, the Las Vegas Sun published an editorial about Quintez Brown, a BLM and anti-gun activist accused of attempting to murder a Jewish Democrat who is running for Mayor of Louisville. The Sun left out a few details from Brown’s background, but later updated the story to reflect his political views. However, after an update noting that Brown is a BLM activist and has no ties to any right-wing groups, the editors also reminded readers that “the shooting comes amid a rise in threats against politicians fueled by increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans.”

In a new, very long, editorial, the Sun has doubled down. RCP’s Tom Bevan shared a bit of the editorial:

The Sun editorial says the paper received threats after the original article on Quintez Brown that failed to mention his political affiliations but did point out “increasingly violent rhetoric coming from extremist Republicans.” For that, the Sun editors put the blame squarely on… well, read it for yourselves:


If by now you’ve almost forgotten about the BLM activist who tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate and the Las Vegas Sun’s original failure to point out his political affiliations, perhaps that was the goal.

If there’s a subsequent follow-up to the latest editorial we wouldn’t be surprised to see some blame thrown in the direction of Donald Trump.

How many deaths can “journalism” experience?

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