Earlier this week, CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter addressed the latest John Durham court filing by quoting the banners that were being aired on Fox News (of course). But now the coverage runs a bit deeper, as Stelter’s done an analysis of how right-wing media is reporting the story — or perhaps “pouncing” is a better way to put it:

If anybody knows how “bad information spreads,” it’s the experts at CNN.

The self-unawareness is off the charts.

“How do lies spread in the media? Join us on CNN with our guests Michael Avenatti, Dan Rather and Rep. Adam Schiff for that discussion!”

Now let’s imagine what would be happening on CNN if the Durham filing was about Trump campaign activity instead of the Clinton camp.

Nobody can put together a Misinformation All-Star Team quite like CNN.

Misinformation, projection and irony — it’s a CNN trifecta!