With the stroke of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s pen yesterday, school mask mandates in that state are now a thing of the past.

Dr. Anthony Fauci obviously thinks that’s a mistake, saying it’s “too risky” to do so (video via Grabien News founder Tom Elliott):

It’s never going to be the right time for Dr. Fauci to support ending school mask mandates (many areas already have anyway).

Is it “too risky” to let kids go maskless in schools in the same way Fauci said it was “not smart” to have crowds at football games last August and September because they would be super spreader events (which never happened)?

Yes, and it tested positive for cringe.

Maybe Fauci would be OK with kids not wearing masks if they held classes in packed stadiums while the gathered elite watched a football game.

We’ll consider that science officially settled.

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