NBC News’ Lester Holt has recorded an interview with President Biden, which will be shown in its entirety during the Super Bowl pregame show on Sunday. Things must be getting bad for Biden, because it appears the media have stopped editing out his stumbles in recorded interviews (maybe media outlets grew tired of paying editors overtime). One such example came when Biden got confused between Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Biden was also asked about his administration’s claims last summer that inflation would be temporary, and Biden basically replied “that’s a clown question, bro,” before going into a rehearsed spin.

Hopefully soon another “wise guy” reporter asks Biden how spending trillions more dollars will bring down inflation, as Ron Klain said yesterday.

Just ask Peter Doocy.

It’s interesting though how many people who claimed Trump was a threat to “democracy” when he dismissed the media are now saying “go get ’em, Joe” when Biden does it.

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