House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likes to sound the alarm about the “existential threat” caused by humans burning fossil fuels which contribute to climate change:

Those warnings are followed by the inevitable chaser:

But of course:

The California Democrat’s campaign paid Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team a total of $423,707.62 for travel services on 10 occasions between October 2020 and December 2021, according to Federal Election Commission filings first reported by Fox News.

In January last year, the Pelosi team also paid California-based Clay Lacy Aviation $65,457.23, bringing the campaign’s private jet expenses to a grand total of $489,164.85.

Rest assured, these same people know that if they succeed in making fossil fuels unavailable to regular people, they’ll still have access to their private jets. This is about you, not them, and they know it. Pelosi’s use of private jets also shows that she doesn’t actually believe her own warnings about burning fossil fuels.

John Kerry knows the “important” people get exceptions to their rules, and obviously so does Pelosi.

These are the same people who wonder why more people don’t believe their climate change warning when they live their lives like they don’t believe it themselves.



Here’s a photo of unmasked Barack Obama meeting with masked construction workers building his mansion in Hawaii (and possibly destroying the environment)

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