CNN’s “The Lead” had a big story based on anonymous sources in regards to President Biden’s call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to CNN’s sources, Biden told Zelensky that a Russian invasion was virtually certain. However, some tweets have disappeared:

A reporter who first had the story has also deleted a tweet about it:

That story has evolved after CNN deleted the claims from “anonymous sources.” The deleted tweet also had the video that The Lead has now reposted with an explanation:

It seems like only yesterday that CNN’s Brian Stelter agreed with colleague Oliver Darcy that the public deserves better than journalists who hype conjecture.

Did CNN ever delete tweets or walk back stories with claims from “anonymous sources” about Trump after they were disputed?

There’s only one way to clear this up:

Even Biden 2019 agrees:



Whoever is running Biden’s Twitter account’s attempt at damage control with Ukrainian phone call just makes things WORSE