Earlier this week after President Biden called Fox News’ Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch,” Biden called Doocy to let him know “it’s nothing personal, pal.”

Seth MacFarlane of “The Family Guy” says Biden shouldn’t do that often, but it was appropriate this time because of who he works for:

Gee, somebody has been completely ignoring the media landscape for the last few years.

If he was trying to be funny, it worked.

Take CNN as just one example. It wasn’t Fox News that cut a settlement check to Nick Sandmann after his defamation lawsuit or often features as a panelist a former CBS Evening News anchor who was fired for pushing forged documents shortly before a presidential election. It wasn’t Fox News that allowed Adam Schiff to push constant lies about the 2016 election or presented Michael Avenatti as a possible presidential candidate. There are countless other examples from other media outlets, but Fox News is the reason the media is widely viewed as garbage? Nice try, but no.

If Doocy was anything like Acosta he’d already be working on a book about how dangerous it is to be a reporter in the vicous Biden era.

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