It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Democrat definition of “threat to Democracy” is “when Dems don’t get their way.” Rep. Eric Swalwell claims that people overseas share the concern about U.S. “democracy” and are DMing him in droves to make him aware:

Things are going bad for Biden and the Left’s apparently going to try and tie the train wreck back to the “voting rights” bill going down in flames?

In any case, Swalwell shared one example of a DM he said was sent to him from somebody claiming to be from Germany:

Such DMs can’t possibly be from foreign operatives who now know how easy it is to play Rep. Swalwell.

Also, the Dems control the White House, Senate and House, so if foreigners are really telling Swalwell they’re concerned about the U.S., it says more about the Democrats as leaders than anything else.

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