PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor was recently added to NBC News’ “all-star reporting team,” but her brand of “journalism” remains the same.

Yesterday Kim Potter, the former police officer who intended to taser Daunte Wright during a traffic stop as he resisted but accidentally drew her gun and killed him, was found guilty on two manslaughter charges. Potter will be sentenced early next year. Meanwhile, Alcindor rehashed a previous narrative to comment after Potter’s verdicts were read:

NBC News’ latest hire is off to a great start…

Too many reporters these days think their job is to forward narratives and not report facts. When it comes to that, Alcindor is second to none.

NBC News, who Alcindor now works for, reported earlier this year that the reason Wright was pulled over was expired tabs, and the hanging air freshener was later noticed before a confrontation ensued:

“He was pulled over for having an expired registration on the vehicle,” Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said Monday. “When the officer went over, an item hanging from the rearview mirror was spotted.”

It was after that, Gannon said, that the officers discovered that a “gross misdemeanor warrant” for Wright’s arrest had been issued.

So yes, the air freshener was an issue but wasn’t the reason Wright was pulled over, which is something that would matter to an actual “journalist.” But there aren’t many of those around anymore.

You might also remember Alcindor shoring up her journalist cred by asking President Biden how Democrats should address Republicans “lying about critical race theory,” wishing Biden would do more to amplify Rep. Maxine Waters’ “slavery” spin on horseback border patrol agents, and lobbying hard for this administration to extend the eviction moratorium.

Ask PBS and NBC News — maybe they could provide an explanation.

Somehow the more lies you help push the higher your rank on the DC journalism chart. Go figure.

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