Last week, VP Kamala Harris said that the Biden administration did not see the latest Covid-19 variants coming. President Biden said the same thing in a new interview, claiming “nobody saw it coming — nobody in the whole world”:

The “follow the science” people don’t seem very science-y, do they?

Just how much did this administration “not see it coming”? @phillyrich1 has a thread that shows the Biden administration wasn’t exactly blindsided by these variants:

But “didn’t see it coming,” or something…


“Didn’t see it coming”? If Biden and Harris didn’t see it coming they’ve had their eyes closed the entire time. They also must have had their ears plugged because even their own advisers said they saw it coming:

Maybe the next time Biden is interviewed the reporter could ask him why this discussion is even necessary. After all, last year Biden promised to “shut down the virus” if elected. That certainly hasn’t happened.