There are a couple of elements in a New York Times report about Kamala Harris that have caught the attention of many. The first is that Harris has reportedly been complaining about negative media coverage and is blaming sexism and racism:

Actually, that’s a pretty harsh slam on the media!

If Harris isn’t the Dem nominee in 2024 (assuming Biden doesn’t run again) she’s

And that’s something Biden made clear way back when he was searching for a running mate after winning the Democrat nomination.

Shocking, right?

That brings us to the second element of the Times’ story, and it’s about the VP who Biden put in charge of a border crisis which this administration obviously has no intention of fixing.

The story quotes a Democrat member of Congress from Texas who said that Harris didn’t seem too interested in talking with him about southern border issues that she is supposedly charged with “fixing”:

Rep. Cuellar is still waiting:

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Vice President Kamala Harris has a favorability rating of just under 40 percent, and most of that is job-related and has nothing to do with racism or sexism.

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