Most Democrats might be angry that the “Build Back Better” legislation is, at least for now, dead in the Senate.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among Democrats who are slamming Sen. Joe Manchin for what they say is an “egregious breach” of Biden’s trust on BBB. But that doesn’t mean that the Biden administration has stopped promoting the effort, even if it means going to ridiculous lengths:

Always be closing!

And where did that come from? A Biden administration official made the comments during a call with reporters that was at least partly about the situation with Russia and Ukraine:

The State Department transcript has the comments from a “senior administration official”:

Officials in this administration pointing out that “Build Back Better”-style initiatives poll better in Russian than in the U.S. isn’t really making the point they seem to think.

Here’s that portion of the transcript:

You asked what the Russians are up to. I will let the Russians speak for themselves with regard to what they’re up to. We believe, the President believes, our allies believe that if there are concerns – and we have concerns on our side, they clearly have concerns on their side – they are best discussed diplomatically in the Normandy format, in these other formats that we have. And that is what we are proposing, and that is a far better path not only for Ukraine and all of us but for the Russian Federation itself.

I mean, let’s remember that Russia has one of the highest COVID levels in the world. The Russian people don’t need a war with Ukraine. They don’t need their sons coming home in body bags. They don’t need another foreign adventure. What they need is better health care, build back better, roads, schools, economic opportunity. And that’s what the polling is showing in Russia. So we hope that President Putin will take this opportunity for diplomacy and will also listen to the needs of his own people.

Well then, maybe Biden should go to Russia and try to sell his agenda, because many in the U.S. certainly don’t want it!

You can’t make this stuff up.

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